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We are specialised in security systems such as security alarms, monitoring services, CCTV and access control sales and maintenance across Taupo.


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Security Systems Services We Offer

We Specialise in security alarms, monitoring services, CCTV and access control sales and maintenance across Taupo.

Alarm monitoring

Protect your property and assets with our security alarm services, including around the clock alarm monitoring that ensures that your business or home is thoroughly secure. As soon as an alarm is triggered, we can let you know where, when, and how it happened.
Security Systems Specialist at Alarm Tech conducting Alarm Monitoring Service in New Zealand


CCTV camera installation is key to monitoring the traffic inside your home and business, so you can rest assured that your property is safe and secure. Keep an eye on your premises and assets with a security camera installed by our qualified security technician.

Alarm Systems

Install a comprehensive security alarm system that helps protect and secure the premises. Our security systems installation make sure that you and others are safe, helping to deter and catch potential intruders and other criminal activity.

Access Control

Control who has access to certain rooms or areas in your property, easily adding or removing access with access control systems. Remove the need for carrying multiple keys, instead integrating each area access into a keyfob/card for your employees.

Protection & Peace of Mind
for your Business & Home

When you trust in Alarm Techs for your security needs, you will be given peace of mind when it comes to the protection and security of your business and/or home. With an advance security system, worrying about the safety of your property becomes a thing of the past. Let us do the work for you. If you require residential security services or business security systems in Auckland, Taupo, and Rotorua, you can count on Alarm Techs to meet your needs and expectations.


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Our Story

Alarm Techs’ founder, Shaun Swann has been in the security industry since 2001 with humble beginnings doing mobile patrols, noise control and cash in transit. After realising his technical wit and talent, he decided to pursue becoming an Electronic Security Technician. In 2023, Shaun took over alarmtechs and alarmtechs, meshing the two businesses into one to continue their excellent security work under a new name, Alarm Techs.
Based in Taupo, Alarm Techs covers the Taupo, Auckland, and Rotorua areas, providing a range of security services, including alarm system installation, security camera installation and monitoring, and offering access control systems in Auckland, Taupo, and Rotorua.

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Why Choose Alarm Techs
as Your Security Systems Prvider?

Quality Workmanship

Our installation services are completed by a member of our expert team, executed to the highest standards and quality that you can expect from a professional security alarm technician. No matter if you need alarm installation or camera installation, we use only first-class equipment with the latest technology to ensure that your property is tightly secured.


The team at Alarm Techs consists of dedicated professionals with over 22 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, so you can rely on us to be your go-to security technicians.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide a service that leaves our customers 100% satisfied. This means that we actively listen to your every word, aiming to not only fulfil your needs, but also exceed your expectations. Until you are 100% satisfied, we will continue to accommodate further requests or amendments.


Our security solutions, such as our security alarm services, are extremely affordable, set at a price point that both homeowners and small business owners can access. Our business security systems are a worthwhile investment for any commercial venture, saving you money in the long run as they protect against potential theft, vandalism, etc.


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