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We provide cctv installation and repair services using the high quality custom security camera systems in New Zealand. Get our expert service and prevent criminal activities!


A CCTV installation prooject in Auckland client's premises
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You Can Stop People Stealing Your Profit

Alarm Techs’ smart & custom security camera systems are the perfect solution to prevent and deter crime within your property. When you have cctv system set up within your premises, you are effectively protecting your assets against theft and vandalism.

This is especially beneficial for commercial properties and small businesses who may struggle with repeat burglary.

Immediately view your live camera feed to monitor what is happening on your property, with multiple security cameras capable of being set up and linked together. A security camera can spot suspicious activity and provide evidence should something happen.

Even after your setting up your security system, you can count on us to support you afterwards with our security camera maintenance service to maintain the longevity of your cameras. After all, it is the post-installation that matters when it comes to protecting your premises.

Deter criminals with our business and home security camera installation in Auckland, Taupo, and Rotorua.

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