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Access control security services provided by Alarm Techs
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Secure Your Business & Home!

Incorporating access control security services into your premises is an efficient and effective way to secure and protect your business and home.

Manage who accesses your premises with access control installation, immediately permitting and revoking access on an easy-to-use platform. From fingerprint biometrics to keyfobs or keycards, your staff no longer need to carry multiple keys to enter different areas of your property.

View accurate reports of who was where and when, helping you build an overall picture of how your staff move around in your building. Prevent unauthorised staff and persons from accessing restricted rooms, improving the safety and security of your premises.

Plus, with our access control maintenance services, you can ensure that your access control system continues to run without fail. Regular servicing and maintenance of access control systems is essential to keeping your property safe, so don’t forget to schedule access control maintenance appointments.

Guard your business and home against unwanted entry with our access control security services in Auckland, Taupo, and Rotorua.

Why Do You Need Access Control Security Services ?

Modern systems for access control security services are able to integrate completely with all your building management, allowing you to control a vast array of parameters, including;

Many systems also allow:
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