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When There’s Nobody Physically On Site, a Monitored Alarm is Your First Line of Defense.

As an alarm monitoring company, you can expect our alarm monitoring services in Auckland, Taupo, and Rotorua to be one of the best in these areas.

Our home alarm monitoring service ensures that if an alarm is triggered at your home, our remote monitoring team is able to instantly pinpoint the location of the alarm on your property and verify whether it is a real cause of concern or a false alarm.

This means that regardless of whether you are at home or out of the home, your house is still fully protected.

The same applies to commercial properties. When you install a security alarm system in your commercial building, you are already a step ahead in ensuring that your property is adequately guarded – protection is thus enhanced with our alarm monitoring solutions.

As a result, if you are off site, you are promptly notified when an alarm is triggered.

Defend your property against intruders with our alarm monitoring solutions at Alarm Techs, serving home and business alarm monitoring in Auckland, Taupo, and Rotorua.

So How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

We can see in an instant when an alarm is activated. Your phone line will send us details and location of the activation, so we know how best to respond.

We can also identify if there are multiple threats, to save you walking into a dangerous situation.

In the event of an activation we’ll follow your instructions. This could mean contacting you or working through a contact list to receive further instructions, sending a guard to your premises, or we’ll notify the appropriate emergency services on your behalf.

We often hold a spare set of keys so our patrols can access your premises, check for any issues and reset your alarm system before leaving and notifying you about the event.

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